Promote extreme sports for youth
voor Irina Madalina Iordache

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1.000,00 €

Have you ever wanted to fly? To experience the adrenaline from hundreds of meters away from the ground, to feel the air raise and lower you? My dream is to fly. Like me, there are many young people who dream of experiencing extreme sports in any form. The campaign focuses on people passionate about extreme sports, especially skydiving, paragliding or bungee jumping. With the help of the money raised, we will fulfill the dream of young people who want to experience these sports, but who currently cannot afford to invest this amount of money in their dream. I think it's important to follow your dream and do everything you can to make it happen. So please help us fly!

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Irina Madalina Iordache


Irina Madalina Iordache
5021SN Tilburg

Aangemaakt op 20. Februari 2022

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